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New System Installation

1. How would you best describe your current phone system needs? (Check all that apply)

We are looking to replace our current system
We are looking for a phone system for a new office or location
We are looking to expand our current system

2.  How many simultaneous calls or "lines" do you want your phone system to handle?
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Note: Each call, including people in queue or on hold, uses a "line." Be sure to consider both your current and future needs as some system have more expansion capability than others.

3. How many individual users or "extensions" will you need?
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This is basically a total of the number of users the system will have. Remember, each individual user and/or common area phone will require a unique "extension."

4. Are you interested in receiveing information on service and/or maintenance contracts?

Yes, we are interested in a service contract
No,  we are not interested in a service contract
Unsure, please advise us of the costs and benefits

5. Are you interested in receiveing information on leasing options?

Yes, we are interested in leasing options
No,  we are not interested in a leasing options
Unsure, please advise us of all available leasing/purchasing options

6. What is your estimated budget for this purchase?
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7. When do you intend to have this system installed?

Within 0 to 3 months
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8. Would you prefer new equipment or refurbished equipment (refurbished equipment is generally lower in cost)?

Please give me quotes for both new and refurbished systems
I am only interested in a brand new system
I am only interested in a refurbished system

9. What features do you want with your phone system? (Check all that apply)

Automated Attendant (automatic answering and call routing)
Call centers
Advanced call routing and tracking features (typically for call centers)
Music or advertising on hold (callers hear messaging/music while on hold)
Caller ID
Overland paging
Call accounting
Wireless solutions
Other (please note)  

10. Please describe in detail any additional requirements you may have for this phone system:

Moves, Adds, Changes, Repairs (Enter as much information as possible)

System Manufacturer
Model/Type of System
Software Version/Release
Date of purchase/Last upgrade (if known)
Number of TDM Ports (non-IP)
Number of IP ports (if applicable)
Number of Voicemail ports

Voicemail Manufacturer
Type/Name of Voicemail
Voicemail Software Version/Release
Date of purchase/Last upgrade (if known)
Number of end users/phones
Phone types/models (list all)
Number of attendant consoles
Number of application servers (voicemail, UM, and/or storage servers)
Number of CSUs
Number of CSU/DSUs

Check all that apply and provide quantities for checked items:

Paging/Loudspeakers / QTY
Softphones / QTY
Wireless / QTY
UPS (battery backup) / QTY (Note: Batteries are wearable items and not covered under any service agreements)

Please describe in detail the issues requiring repair (if applicable):


Please describe in detail your wiring needs and/or any other services you require:

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